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History Of Courier Service

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Courier XP provides fast and dependable services for Columbus GA and the southeastern US. Just some historic facts about how couriers played a significant part in American history.

The importance of courier service goes back to the Revolutionary War when riders would go betweens Forts to deliver gun powder. The Pony Express was started in 1860 to offer courier service between California and Missouri which used riders to deliver packages over 1900 miles within 11 days. The riders used different horses every 18 miles or so. The invention of the telegraph in 1861 put an end to Pony Express. The first package delivery company to deliver packages across the western US was Wells Fargo which was founded in 1852. This was the beginning of establishing commerce in new states and territories.

Obviously going back in history different animals were used as couriers to deliver messages and packages. One example is how pigeons were used to deliver messages over a long distance in a short time frame. Even though cars and trucks have replace animals for courier service, there are still places in remote areas of the world that still use horses for delivery of packages.

The rail transport was the main method for deliveries across the US in the 1800’s. Faster delivery became more important in the early 1900’s and with the invention of automobiles made this possible. Two different courier service methods of sending packages back then was the United States Post Office and UPS. Years later Federal Express, DHL and different couriers were offering package delivery.

Today the internet provides instant paperless mail delivery using email providers like Hotmail, Gmail and AOL. Although companies like Federal Express and UPS provide most package delivery in the US, there are special circumstances that require one hour local delivery. Example would be a hospital which requires a courier service in Columbus GA to pick up a blood specimen and deliver it to a laboratory for analysis. Workman’s Comp patients leaving or going to doctor’s appointment might require courier service since it’s more safe and dependable.

We have been providing professional courier service for Columbus GA and the southeast US for many years. Our drivers are courteous, dependable and go through a background check. We also have the best insurance in the courier industry so your package is always safe and on time. Many business in Columbus GA trust Courier XP with their important package deliveries because of our excellent track record. We have state of the art GPS system which ensures your packages arrives at its destination on time every time.

We provide one hour local delivery and 24 hours within the southeast United States. Call us today and experience courier service in Columbus GA at its best 706 322-1111.

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